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BeBook is fully PC and MAC compatible. Including Mobipocket DRM support.

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BeBook's unique features

  • BeBook reads all popular document formats, also free eBooks and any pdf!
  • No shopping limitations: buy or download books, news or magazines anywhere (anywhere!) and read them on your BeBook!
  • Change font types and fontsize while reading.
  • 512MB internal memory and SD card slot so you can exchange books and documents with friends or collegues.
  • Open software standard (lifetime firmware updates are free!)
  • 1 year full warranty 
  • Leather protection case is included with your BeBook

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STYLZ to offer BeBook accessories

In conjunction with STYLZ, a wellknown brand for  Apple accessories, TomTom cases and chargers and PocketSurfer2 accessories, Endless Ideas is happy to announce STYLZ will also startup a new Bebook accessories range. Soon you can also buy custom made Bebook cases and an usb charger which will enhance your Bebook experience.

Widget to handle BeBook UK distribution

We are proud to announce our cooperation between BeBook and Widget Uk Ltd. Widget is a UK based distributor and will handle our UK BeBook distribution.

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Download Mobipocket Reader softwareDownload the latest Adobe Digital Editions software here:


download bebook firmware update


Download BeBook Firmware :


This update was released September 21th 2009.

Here is the September 2009 firmware update for your BeBook eReader.

WARNING: Read the full text and instructions before upgrading.

This release note is for the September 2009 update. Firmware version NL-2.10-20090910

Changes compared to the update from September the 2nd 2009

Change: ePub has 5 zoomlevels now
Known issue: Bookmarks do not work with ePub and PDF files.

Changes compared to the update from August 2009

CHANGE: search with SMS-like keyboard for ePub and PDF files.
FIX: zoomlevels for ePub and PDF files are optimized.
FIX: locking and unlocking the keyboard while reading ePub and PDF files.

Changes compared to the update from February 2009:

WARNING: Removes the ability to read Mobipocket DRM protected files. (non DRM Mobipocket files can still be read)
CHANGE: This updates your BeBook adding support for DRM protected PDF and EPUB files using Adobe (r) DRM.
CHANGE: adds compatibility with Adobe Digital Editions book management software.
CHANGE: auto recognition in Adobe Digital Editions identifying the device as 'BeBook'
CHANGE: adds reflowable PDF and Epub file support.

NOTE: If you got a library of mobipocket protected files, you can always revert to the latest mobipocket version of the software. This can be downloaded HERE. It is possible to switch back and forth between firmware version containing different DRM protection systems.

HOW TO INSTALL (update will take max. 10 minutes)




  1. Download the update: HERE
  2. Check the filesize of the downloaded file. should be : 40.7 MB (42.679.931 bytes)
  3. (To check : right click the downloaded file and choose : "properties" it will show the actual size. Don't use the update if the filesize is different.)
  4. Unpack the file using WinZip. (free trial versions: ); The filesize of the unpacked file (V3update.bin) should be 55,0 MB (57.671.680 bytes).
  5. Copy the unpacked file 'V3update.bin' onto the root of an SD card. (SD cardsize should be larger than 128MB, but no greater than 1GB.)
  6. Turn off the BeBook
  7. Insert the SD card into the BeBook eReader.
  8. Press and hold the V+ (volume up button) and turn on the BeBook eReader.
  9. When the update interface appears, press the "OK" Button to start and wait until it's finished.
  10. Restart the BeBook.


Adding ePub files with Adobe Digital Editions

In order to download the most recent titles in ePub format, you have to download Adobe Digital Editions®. This program will help you to order and synchronize your eBooks.

Download Adobe Digital Editions

1. Go to

2. Click on the START INSTALLATION button.

3. Follow the Installation wizard.


The new update can be downloaded HERE.

Download the new manual explaining new features.

Adobe Digital Editions can be downloaded HERE

The previous (mobipocket support) update can be downloaded HERE.






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